a network of all stakeholders across Japan including companies, industry groups, institutions, and teachers to make better use of ICT in education

supported by

  • MEXT (the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
  • MIC (the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)


Provide access to various learning tools and educational services for anyone, anytime, anywhere


Bring benefit to users and providers through establishing technical standards
Evangelize the value of making better use of ICT in education



Easy-to-use and access
Wide variety of rich learning materials, tools, and services available
Seamless learning at school and home


Expanding the market
Easy-to-go into the markets
Improving interoperability and reducing development cost by establishing technical standards

Educational institutes and Teachers

High quality learning materials, tools, and services available
Low cost to introduce and maintain
Easy-to-use and maintain


Helping students to acquire the 21st century skills
Resolving various issues in education
Facilitate communication among students, teachers, parents, and neighbors

President’s message

The twenty first century society will be the society with different pedagogical paradigm from the current educational situation. In the coming society, the rapid change of educational environment such as ICT(Information, Communication and Technology)and children’s communication surroundings, will give strong impact to the quality of education, though teachers’ skills, curriculum, instructional methods and materials play important roles for the quality of education as same as the current educational situation.
From the traditional educational aspect, the factors such as teachers’ skills, curriculum, instructional methods and materials, named as the inner factors, have been viewed as important; however, the modern educational aspect is recognizing that ICT environments, children’s surroundings, named as the outside factors, are more important than the inner factors. Children are now learning directly or indirectly in the above described environment full of rich information.
The world wise educators, researchers and educational stakeholders have begun to seek the new educational model which children themselves access to ICT environments, acquire the knowledge, generate the findings, solve problems, instead of being taught by teachers. This educational model is very close to the rational of twenty first century skills; it may be viewed as educational paradigm shift.
ICT CONNECT 21, in Japanese, the association connecting education related organizations for children’s future learning, was established for the purpose of constructing ICT environments for realizing the new educational model.
akahori-pic Dr. Kanji Akahori

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